Top 10 “Dirty Jobs” In Nigeria You Can Venture Into – With Surprisingly Profitable Returns


With the high prevalent rate of unemployment in Nigeria, people have to survive by all means. Nowadays, you will find graduates everywhere doing dirty jobs to survive. Some of them have actually made good money that has enabled an average standard of living. Some of have reinvested money made from these menial jobs in properties while others have expanded their business horizons to become employees of labour. See the 10 Dirty Jobs with Profitable Returns in Nigeria.

Some of the people who invest in dirty jobs are employed but are unable to survive with their low incomes, this prompts the need to make extra income to aid them provide basic necessities needed to survive and fit into the society.

Nigeria has a large population with a huge demand for some of this services and this guarantees a huge or maximum return of investments. Dirty jobs refer to tedious, disagreeable, and sometimes illegal jobs, but for this article, dirty jobs refer to very strenuous and downgrading jobs. Some dirty jobs with huge returns include:


A road side restaurant is very easy to set up, it is not capital intensive and its profitability depends solely on the ability of one to make mouth-watering delicacies. If situated at motor parks, mechanic shops and other public or rowdy places there is a guarantee of unlimited daily sales. With just ten thousand naira, a food vendor or road side restaurant will set up a business that is likely to yield from fifty thousand naira and above weekly. The cons of this business is that is very stressful and limited to rowdy ghetto areas.

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