Top 10 Nollywood Actresses With The Sexiest Bodies – Number 1 Is Smoking Hot! (With Pictures)


Nollywood actresses with the sexiest bodies – Believe it or not, Our Nollywood is full of sexy bodies but wait a minute, before you think every Nollywood star is running to their plastic surgeon for a little nip and tuck, some of these actresses actually work for those figures to keep themselves in shape. Nollywood has grown big and this is as a result of the contribution of the amazing actors and actresses in the industry.

The Nigerian movie industry, also known as Nollywood is no doubt filled with hot and sexy actors and actresses. Among the three main sectors under the entertainment industry in Nigeria; Comedy, music and film, Nollywood has more actors and actresses with that would be regarded as hot and sexy. There are some actresses in the industry with great talent and sexy bodies that no man can resist. This list has the year’s Nollywood actresses with sexiest bodies and what makes them hot and sexy:

10. Genevieve Nnaji

Top 10 Nollywood Actresses With The Sexiest Bodies – Number 1 Is Smoking Hot! (With Pictures) 1

She is the fourth in a family of 8 children and has been acting since she was 8 years old. Her sexy body has made successful not just as an actor but in modelling as well. This 35-year-old has taken part in various commercials with very successful companies. In 2004 she became the face of Lux in Nigeria, and years later she was chosen as the ambassador for Range Rover Vogue. Her body is flawless and looks younger even as the year goes by.


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