List Of Top 23 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria With Mind Blowing Fees


Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria – For some years now, private educators are really doing a lot to provide standard and quality education for Nigerians. But the challenge here is, the better the school, the more expensive it will be. Looking at the poor and below-standard conditions of our public schools today, these private schools are getting much more patronage than one may ever imagine not minding the poor economic condition in the country. Once parents are able to afford any of the ones available, they do not hesitate to withdraw their kids from the public schools and instead enroll them in private schools. But the major thing I want to point out in this article is that there are grades of private schools. While some parents are struggling to provide a few thousands to settle their children’s school fees, others are busy, splashing millions on theirs. It may not have crossed your widest imagination that there are secondary schools in Nigeria where tuition fees run in millions of Naira and thousands of US Dollars. These schools are exclusively meant for the rich, who are of course the only ones that can afford them.

23. Regent School Maitama  Abuja– N1.35 million

Address: Euphrates Cres, Abuja.

The Regent School is a high quality British based Education School in Maitama. The school fees vary but presently pegged at N1.35 million per annum for Senior Secondary.

List Of Top 23 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria With Mind Blowing Fees 2

22. Bloombreed High School N1.5 million

Address: Boskel Road, Off Port Harcourt/Aba Expressway, After Eleme Junction, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

List Of Top 23 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria With Mind Blowing Fees 3

Bloombreed High School is the brainchild of Mrs Olufunke Sunmonu, (fondly called Big Auntie), a seasoned educationist and a mother with a strong passion for qualitative education and the desire to inculcate the fear of God in children, which inevitably transforms them into exemplary leaders, equipped to thrive in their life’s journey and make a positive impact on society both nationally and globally.

Located at Boskel Road, off Port Harcourt/Aba Expressway in Rivers State, this school is certainly not meant for average income earners. The school which comprises of a Day-care, Nursery, Primary and Secondary section goes for as high as 1,500,000 Naira per year for its pupils/students. Very spacious, conducive learning environment, highly equipped library Science, ICT, language, technical drawing and musical laboratories highly qualified and resourceful teachers Sports and recreational facilities, A medical bay run by a reputable Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Uninterrupted power supply, etc. Although the amount paid by the students in this school might seem outrageous,but considering the available learning facilties, I’ll say that it is relatively modest.

21. Lead British International School, Abuja – N1.5 Million

Address: 2nd Avenue ,Aliyu Mustdafa Street, Wuse 2, Gwarimpa, Abuja, Nigeria

List Of Top 23 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria With Mind Blowing Fees 4

Lead British International School is one of the Secondary schools in Nigeria that offers quality education to students aged 11 – 17 delivered in a state of the art learning environment designed to ensure their academic success for entry to a Nigerian or Foreign higher institution. The School offers the best facilities for students in the Section: ICT provision in the Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and ICT; comfortable boarding facilities; a well equipped Music Room, a Multipurpose Hall for all students as well as a Cafeteria for meals and snacks. LBIS has taken huge strides to provide students and staffs with the latest technology in terms of hardware and software to enable them meet the demands of the extensive curriculum on offer. I highly recommend this school for your kids but…never mind if you are not well loaded.

20. Norwegian International School, Port Harcourt – N1,843,750 million

Address: 11 Rotimi Amaechi Road GRA Phase III, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

List Of Top 23 Most Expensive Secondary Schools In Nigeria With Mind Blowing Fees 5

Norwegian International School has an enviable reputation within Nigeria. It makes use of the English National Curriculum, together with the curricular standards of the Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). This world-class school is really a wonderful place for you, your kids, wards or siblings to be as the case may be. But before you become too excited, pay close attention to this: A breakdown of their fees for new intakes shows that #250,000 is enrollment fee, #250,000 for development fee, 1,843,750 for tuition, an extra £600 and #20,000 for PTA—putting these together gives you a total of 2,547,647 million Naira. Now you can go ahead and give it a thought if u’ve got the cash!


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  3. This is actually not a problem.. the problem is; with all this expensive expenses, this top 23 most expensive secondary school in Nigeria doesn’t even stand a chance of being top 2000 in the world when being rated. If I’m not mistaken, when other countries are being rated in terms of education, ours doesn’t even stand a chance.. likewise our universities.. I wonder why waste such huge amount of money on schools not recognized.. it’s not shocking oo, it’s stupidity.

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  5. The looting of Nigerian oil money will soon stop & we all see were the mom & dad that pay this ridiculous money for school fee will find it from

    • It doesn’t make sense that one will spend so much on education in Nigeria. This schools are even more expensive than universities abroad.

  6. Hmmm, this country is becoming somtin else o, imagine a father with three kids and they are all in this school, 5million x 3, that’s 15million every year and u can’t even help a child selling pure water on the street without asking for change, na wah o

    • These kind parents tell you say dem dey drink pure water? You dey see these kind pikin wey attend these kind schools for anyhow streets? I no go lie, I never see or sabi anyone oh!

  7. See moni oooh, I need #7m or above own for my kids cos these one way they here too small for my kids…. Na beg I dey beg ooooh

  8. What deceit and waste, payiny huge sums for school fees can’t buy your child a good brain and focus to learn ,so keep wasting the money you stole from the masses of Nigeria cos it is God who gives good brains.

  9. I don’t think there is anything wrong in sending your children to these schools if you av the money,and it still doesn’t mean these children will be better that those that went to public school or a mere private school out there,its a matter of choice,you might have the money and still don’t send your children there.

    • Taa Calm down, does it make u more intelligent than d likes of us that paid #1,900 per term and still graduated with first class from a Federal University

  10. This list and details is actually for kidnappers. They can now be more focused and know where to channel their effort and get a good pay. Useless people promoting discrimination after looking Nigeria to coma.

  11. You guys are just saying this because you do not have such money,my when you have,you will do more than them.

  12. The sad thing about some of this school is DAT the churches we attend pay offering build the schools our children at the end cant attend. God dey oh

  13. After paying so much on tuition fees in all this so called international curricula schools, you will later find out that pupils/ students from public schools still do better Academically, it is not obvious.

  14. I d,t say DAT sure schools are nt good but if I can be were I am today with out dis kind of school DAT means am gud enough

  15. Unfortunately this list is wrong and outdated. Where is Life forte Ibadan; Day Waterman Abeokuta; Rainbow College, Mowe; Avi-Cena Ikeja and lots more.

  16. A friend once said, this are children of politician and they are bringing up their to belong and remain in the ruling class. The finished all the all expesive school, joing politics from no were and continue the game their father left behind. Its not only reading and writing, but the game of ruling.

  17. I think there is nothing bad in spending huge amount on educating someone’s child, if at all there is money, but let’s spend wisely…..

  18. Rubbish, it doesn’t differentiate with other children that went to mere private school or public school. Those children that attend those expensive school can’t even defend them selves in education competition. The only thing they could offer is to speak phonetic English dat all.

  19. Its so obvious how Nigerians see education. Education is beyond certificate but exposure to other aspects of life, culture and tradition amongst others. There are some Nigerians who save for years to send their kids to these schools. If you can afford it, I don’t think there’s anything wrong but if u can’t, dont kill for it. Bottom line is give your children the best u can afford. Thats the best legacy and inheritance u can give them.

  20. If you can afford it please go on. Nothing is too much to invest in your child. If you can’t afford it, cut your coat according to your cloth, nothing is too little to invest in your child. No investment at all on your child is the bad thing.

  21. My dear its well with us. My question is, why are we not electing our leaders based on educational background? Cos all our leaders , its either they managed to go through a local school or they didn’t go at all. And actually, its their offsprings that are attending these schools and they tell us Nigeria is going through economic crisis.
    At the end of the day the only difference between the rich and the poor is vocabularies which will not take to heaven. Death is a respecter of no one. I ain’t saying is wrong to spend your money but we should make our world a better place to live.

  22. Funny enough some of these children can’t read and write, DLL they do is speak with diction then lesson teachers do their assignments. I’ve seen cases where teachers were sacked because a parent complained that her son who is not even interested in learning is performing very poor. Most of these children are raised with the mindset that already have all they need in life, just go to school and get the certificate from the best schools. Thats why you will see an arm robber from a wealthy home and a first class degree holder. Why is this so,.. ..

    • Please, some of your conjectures are not correct. Well, it is expected when one hasn’t been to such schools. I stand to be corrected. As a teacher in one of the most expensive schools in Nigeria though not listed here like I pointed out earlier, the students in these schools might not be perfect in all ramifications, but their rate of assimilation is one thing that cannot be compared to those of us who went through public institutions.

      It will also interest you to know that most of these schools listed here do not patronized exam malpractice. That I can authoritatively say given that for most of them, if not all that patronized University of Cambridge IGCSE and GCE, there is 0.0000 percent tolerance on exam malpractice.

      Finally, what gives them an edge over public students is not only the serene and conducive learning environment, and state of the art ICT technology but also their visits and tour to other countries of the world. This exposure at that age cannot be quantify. It is true that not all of them can afford these trips because often time, one week trip is quantify in thousands of dollars.

      Finally, it is not only politicians children that are in these schools. Most of Nigerian top rated business men have come in terms with these schools. Fir instance, I have encountered a scene where one of my students once told a sitting Governor’s child to keep quiet when people are talking. When the Governor’s son did not listen, he reminded him that his father is one of the poorest parents in the school.

      • Well said. like I said earlier, education isn’t about cramming and writing. Its way beyond that. These kids have so much confidence and believe in their abilities. The world is no longer about certificate but been able to sell yourself no matter your strength or ability. We need a change of orientation. You see 1st class students from Public school in job interviews who can express themselves, poor writing skills and lack of creative thinking. We need to move beyond this.

  23. The even pay more then some university like my school my fee is 1m but some high here pay more then my school na wa oh is too much

  24. Wait, there is a zero..DEATH SCHOOL 6FIT 10.9 million. Rubbish, I thank God we will all die soon. Very soon

  25. Good research no doubt. However, the title is wrong. There are schools not listed here of which I know that charges much more than some included here.

  26. Thank God that all our presidents so far are from poor background. I pray that d trend will continue till eternity in Jesus name. Amen

  27. Where did u people put Life forte college @ ibadan. U people should do ur findings clearly. Life forte college beats all d schools mentioned

  28. How many school did Buhari go to even Obasanjo or Babangida but they’re president but they’re all went to local secondary school in there various villages so going to expensive school is not determine they are destiny …. Let them keep on spending the money they are also spending the future of the child.

    • Yes they are all presidents but look at their behaviours.characters.mentality etc.nothing to write home about

      • Fine there’s nothing to write home about their characters but I can’t see where it is stated anywhere or even in the Bible that one’s destiny is tied to the type of school he/she attends.

  29. I would call it sheer extravagance because I don’t see any reason why one would pay that much for tuition fees with the situation of Nigeria. I think that money can be put to good use In other areas to help develop the country.

    To the teacher of one of the schools who is talking about rate of assimilation how do you know students of public schools don’t assimilate? Please spare us that.

  30. It would interest you to know that some of these parents don’t pay the fees but the company they work for. Expatriate in my organization are to choose the schools they want for their kids and the company pays. Please pray for good opportunities not everything is about money a friend works in one of these schools and her kids are attending free. Aspire for the best jare, it is not a crime……

  31. Its very funny reading through what a lot of peeps post here.
    The truth is, education is the best legacy u can give to ur child. If u can afford it, why not??? A lot of u here are writing all sorts, cos u can’t afford it.
    Secondly, its not only looters or politicians children who attend those schools. It depends on ur priorities.
    Do ur findings properly, the government schools of today, are nothing to write home about. If u,ve. Been through a rough up bringing, u will always wants ur child’s life to be better than urs.
    Lastly, apart from book work, education comprises of a whole lot of aspects in life. Exposure and what have u!
    Do u have to suffer to learn, if life can be sweeter, why not opt and pray for one esp for ur kids, instead of hating.
    In my own opinion, if u can afford it, go for it. There is absolutely nothing wrong or extravagant about it. Give the best @ ur level to ur kids.

  32. If you can afford it,why not ? American interest school vi is not an anyhow school.
    Its worth it if you are buoyant

  33. These fees are really outrageous. Funny enough, most of the teachers teaching them must have gone through public schools, then federal government institutions… So, what are we really talking about? It’s a sheer waste of money bcs in most cases, character and conducts are not developed in such schools bcs CANE or SCOLDING would be ruled out if you don’t want to lose your job.

  34. Everyone likes the best of everything, if you can afford the best then go for it,
    it’s cool to belong to that class., if you can’t then cut your coat according to your material. I just did and I am happy with where I am but still praying to be able to catch up

  35. Nothing is special in these schools compare to other schools with lower school, all secondary school approved by the federal government must teach with a standard curriculum, the prices attached to these schools are what we call monopoly discrimination, it’s just to reduce the number of student in the schools.


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