Touching Story Of a Baby Who Can’t Be Hugged [See Photos]

A couple in California has just one wish this holiday season – to be able to hold their young daughter.
According to Daily Mail, Kirsti and Jason Kinkle of Lincoln, California were so excited to welcome their daughter Kiira into the world in October, but devastated when they learned she was suffering from a condition called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa.

This means that Kiira’s skin will blister or tear from rubbing, friction, scratching or, worst of all, even a hug.
‘A clothing tag or rough fabric or even me picking her up under her arm can cause blisters,’ Kristi told KCRA.
‘I can’t hold her hand because it’s constantly bandaged. There is no skin-to-skin contact.’
Not only that, but Kristi also has to use a blanket just to lift her young daughter.
What’s worse, there is still no known cure for this condition.
‘It’s so rare there’s not a whole lot of awareness and therefore not a whole lot of money,’ explained Jason.
Touching Story Of a Baby Who Can't Be Hugged 2

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