Who Are You Voting For This Saturday? Buhari or Jonathan?


From all indications, Saturday’s election would be the most watched and most hotly contested in the history of Nigeria. Every election is important, every single one of them! But a few, very few can be considered epoch-making. This is one of such elections, one of such events. The future of Nigeria will be determined by the action or inaction of the electorate in whom they vote for to become the next President of this Republic.

Dear MH readers. Who are you going to vote for and why?

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  1. am voting good luck because he already has a plate form that he is working with… voting buhari is like starting all over again so I choose to continue with good luck and less see the continuation of the good works for me am a beneficiary of the food roads

  2. Goodluck ebele jonathan, all the way. The man who won, the war against Ebola, the man who transformed our roads and the man that makes my dream of entering a train come true. GEJ till 2019

  3. I’m voting Buhari because he is the only one that can move this country forward now. Jonathan has failed us so we need someone who is not corrupt to lead us. Jonathan and his party are just too corrupt.

  4. Im voting good luck bcos he his far better dan GMB nd so he can finish d good thing he started nd bcos a bird @ hand is far better dan millions of bird in d forest,last but not d least so dat GMB can cry blood dis time.


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