Wife Files for Divorce Because Husband Refuses to Have Sex with her 3 times a Day


A sexually frustrated wife has filed for a divorce petition at a Dubai Sharia Court in the United Arab Emirates, because her husband vehemently refused to have sex with her three times a day.

The couple got married few months ago and the woman told the court that she has been suffering from sexual starvation from her husband who cannot have sex with her three times per day.

The court heard that the husband had agreed to have sex with his wife four times per week, but the woman insisted that anything less than 3 times per day is unacceptable.

The court, however, rejected the woman’s petition for a divorce, saying that her demands are unreasonable and she is not likely to find any partner who will have sex with her three times a day.

The judge also suggested that the woman seek medical treatment, but she refused, saying that her husband is the one in need of treatment.

The husband therefore underwent a medical examination and was found to be healthy and fit.

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