Wike Killed A Man, Cut Off His Private Part & Hung Him On A Tree – Amaechi Speaks


The outgoing Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi, just won’t stop.

Earlier in the week, it was the wife of the president that was the victim of his verbal shots. On Tuesday, it was the governor-elect, Nyesom Wike.

Amaechi has accused Wike of murder.

The rant comes on the heels of the decision by Wike to probe him.

According to Amaechi, Wike hired a certain ‘Ateke’ to kill a man, mutilate him and hang him from a tree all in a bid to become Governor.

Speaking on Tuesday at his 50th birthday anniversary public lecture in Port Harcourt the governor said, “I refused to probe Dr. Odili’s tenure because when they ask of my report, it won’t be who you probed but what you did. If Wike accuses me of corruption, he was my Chief of Staff for my many years.

“A thief cannot call me corrupt. He was my Chief of Staff, if I have no records I have records on him.

All the noise Wike is making is to have negotiation with us so they can stay in office illegally but we must go to court.

“I am a Christian, I have never killed anybody and I will never kill anybody.

Instead of killing anybody I will give up my ambition. In a bid for Wike to be governor, he hired Atake, they killed a young man and cut his private part. They slit a young mans throat and hung him on a tree.

“God will no longer allow people who kill people be governor of Rivers state. He will allow only those who worship him. I am not perfect. If I said I was, I’d be lying.

My priest continues to pray for me, he has told me God says we will defeat Nyesom Wike. God will not allow a killer to become Governor but we must learn to be patient. You must share part of my spirit of resistance.

“They haven’t been sworn in and they are already writing letters to banks. Where did they get letter head from? The miracle of God will happen again in Port harcourt. I have done my eight years and let’s see what happens to theirs.”

If Wike truly killed a man, it is surprising that Amaechi is only making this weighty allegation of murder now that the man promises to probe his administration.

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