Would You Wear This Edible Underwear on Your Wedding Day? (Photo)


With just N8k, You can now buy your own wedding gown from Erin Smith, A money-conscious and eco-focused woman who has made a wedding gown using fungus and wait for the best part, it also comes with an edible pant and bra which your new husband would eat up in bed after the wedding.

According to Smith, an artist whose work focuses on sustainability, waste and the future of fabrication, she came up with the idea last year while planning her wedding, and thinking about the high cost of bridal gowns that are usually only ever worn once.

According to her, the gown was made out of agricultural materials she purchased from Ecovative Design. Smith used the tree mulch mixed with mushroom spores to grow mycelium, the thread-like fibers that hold mushrooms together, to successfully create the wedding dress.

“The top was a corset style, and the skirt pieces layered over untreated burlap so that there was some movement,” Smith explained.

The most romantic part is after the wedding when your man eats up the dress and your “Candy Pants”—the first edible underwear. it was initially deficult to secure a patent for the invention, but she eventually succeeded.

Today, edible underwear is the kind of gag gift reserved for bachelorette parties and short weddings,

Candy Pants raked in some $150,000 in 3 months. The original style of edible underwear is a candy garment made of roughly the same stuff as Fruit Roll-Up and Mints.

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