You Are A Disgrace To Single Parents – Woman Writes Open Letter To #BBNaija Bisola


An Instagram user @fumsky, has taken to the social media platform to slam BBN contestant, Bisola, over her acts in the house.

Read the letter below:-

Dear Bisola, we the association of single parent are disappointed with your act on national TV few days ago.. I followed you because of your presence on social media. ??

Anytime I go through your page whenever am tired from work or bored, I can’t help but laugh and still praise you… When I now found out that you are a single mother and doing well for yourself with over 100,000 thousands loyal followers I said to myself, Funmi, when will you get here? .

After what you did, I wonder what you do on a good day when no one is watching.. While you were giving someone a head on national TV, weren’t you thinking of throat cancer?

Don’t you love the daughter you hustling for that much how she will feel when she grows up? ?

(Even the so called married man doesn’t even know if you have epileptic diseases and he left his private part to a total stranger..) ??

After 10 years when your princess is all grown up, someone somewhere will bring this act of yours and she will never forgive you for this stupid act.

Bisola, once you are a mother or father, your life, and what you do doesn’t belong to you 100percent.. again. You must live a good legacy for your children to follow..

What will you tell little princess if she comes home and tell you she gave someone she just met at a party a BJ when she grows up?

Bisola, I dunno know how you were brought up but your life can be better and you can make it better than your parent.

Dear Bisola, the deed has been done. Now that Big Brother is over, just go to GOD and ask him for forgiveness. He’s ever faithful and merciful.. He will cleanse all sins and make your part straight again..

Just keep doing what you good at.. Make us laugh again.. GOD loves you and am still a loyal fan.

I drop my Pen here – From Fumsky, 1 of your Fan here.


What do you think guys – Open letter on point or just trash?

Drop your comments.

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  1. Bisola is not the first housemate to engage in sexual act in Bigbrother house, whether is BigbrotherNaija or BigbrotherAfrica or BigbrotherAustralia . Housemates in Bigbrother find themselves under tremendous pressure which the writer of the letter has never experience. Let me remind the writer that one lady in was suppose to be sentence to death in her country because public sex in that country is forbidden, governments in Africa had to intervene because the act did not take place in her country, do you think that lady would have agreed to sex knowing very well she will face death sentence, noooo, the pressure in that house is too much,
    The writer by just being the member of single parents, it shows you too you are busy with unmarried men or married men, before you point dirt in one’s house clean yours first.
    Like anyone, one has his past, even when Bisola’s child can see her video,let me tell the writer Bisola will tell her child, everyone has her childhood stage where you play and make mistakes, she will say bravely “my child this was part of me growing up”

    • You are really very foolish. Since it’s normal, take a video of yourself having sex and upload it so it could go viral. Myopic fool

    • You are such an idiot. Bisola is not a child to say that everyone has a childhood stage and this is what she did while growing up. She is a full grown adult that knows every single thing she does. Monkey

    • Am surprised at comments here .are u guys really supporting bisola is she d only lady in big brother. What a rotten act anyway am not surprised yoruba na yoruba

    • Life is in a confused state because we doesn’t obey the will of God, there’s no shame left in the world, we’re living in a world where everything bad and abominable is been regarded as normal thing. Murder, theft, corruption, fornication, adultery, homosexuality and all forms of evil deeds doesn’t seem to freak us anymore, and we all expect peace to reign in the world, how is is possible?

  2. I wish i know you in person na ijebu curse i go use for you wey your life go dey meaningless, yu got no senses instead make yu dey work yu dey carry her gist around call my number identify ya sef if dem born yu well 08167673834. you dont even have sense even self it myt be the foolish owner of this site posting trash. FOOLISH PEOPLE WITH LESS DREAM. KO NI DA FUN IYALAYA ANYBODY. BISOLA PROGRESS FOR YU ALL THROUGH

  3. Nawahoo, but i don’t support this is very bad for a single mother to do all this in public. I wonder what will happen when no one is seeing so all this is because of money.

    • People do worse then come here and claim self righteous. In the first place she didn’t know he was married. Before you judge make sure you are sin free. Thank you!

  4. Sorry what bisola doing here is it real? if yes to be frankly is absolutely nonsense, call civilization civilization and everything is destroyed, woman loose their respect just because of money then u we say men nah devil am tired. Let be changes that is some women meet dissapointment and it happened to her back Bisola. Woman is something precious , flexible, fragile but you don’t put yourself in front of us by some useless act, look at some comments here, they even fight and praise her, but this lady realize the mistake few days to end of the program but she blame TTT that is why she snob him during the party, imagine who fault it is, single mother forgetting the past that make her be single. Well this is social media and many people is out there doing the something for money, so they can comment and embrace her.

  5. Whatsoever thing you do remember, there is a day of accountability (judgement), we will stand before God and give account of ourselves. Jesus loves you John 3:16, seek His kingdom and His righteousness Matthew 6:33. God bless u.

  6. Those criticising Busola, for God’s sake, she’s a single parent who needs to mingle to get a partner. Remember the chap she was philandering with claimed he was single.

    • I’ve searched and go through the noble books sent by the Supreme being which the Quran and Bible, and I didn’t come across where it is legal to put up such an act in the name of looking for a partner or any other reason. Tell me! is that a Godly act?

  7. The world will never know peace until we follow the he laid for us and abstain from from what he told us to abstain from.

  8. Hmmn…correct open letter to Bisola.wat is wrong is wrong at least she’s not d only single parent in d country DAT wants to mingle?.can she ever come out to talk about morals to anybody again and somebody Frm nowhere won’t stand to show her D’s pic or d clip?.hmmn,its well…..

  9. I’ve learnt not to judge someone when I know am not holy. Most ladies and gentlemen here are fornicators and if you ain’t holy you have no right to judge. Everybody is a sinner even judging people is a sin when you know you ain’t holy. Thank you

  10. When I saw this act, i asked someone a question concerning the married man, if his wife watch this show how will she feel? Some people said it is part of the game and task they have given them to do. I say ok it is well, that means money can make a man defile his marital
    bed in the public. It is a big shame to both of them.


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