You Need To See What Wizkid Did to a Lady That Tried to Take a Picture With Him At The Soundcity MVP Awards 2016 (With Pictures)


According to Jokerboiblog, this happened, last night, during the Sound City MVP Awards at the Eko Hotel and suites in Lagos. Wizkid had arrived at the venue and was directed to sit close to a young lady who was probably a fan.

The lady was reportedly star struck when Wizkid sat beside her, as she suddenly kept a straight face on her phone. After few minutes she gathered the courage to take some shots of wizkid with her phone.

After few minutes, Wizkid whispered to one of the crewmen he arrived with and they had an exchange of seat as he made his guy sit close to the lady.

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  1. WizKID “KID” you don’t have to forget about what a the KID will always do that what KIDs a meant to do, no matter what they may become

  2. we make them look like small god
    they are human being like you
    they also defecate
    how much will you get if u take a selfie with wizkid
    how much will the bank give u
    and when they want to start their u will hear “it ur boy wizzy”


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