You Want to Live Long? See Shocking Advice 115Yr Old Woman Gives to Women


115 years old, Emma Morano, is not just the oldest person in Europe, She is the fifth oldest living person in the world and she has an advice for ladies who want to live long like her.

She had been married once, in 1938, but it ended after the death of her young son.

After that she had “plenty of suitors but she refused to settle down for a second time, “I didn’t want to be dominated by anyone, I just avoid them” she explained to the New York Times.

Her action has obviously paid off as she has lived to the ripe age of 115 in sound body and mind.

Staying single (with a steady diet of raw eggs, of course) has allowed her to continue kicking it at the ripe old age of 115.

According to the New York Times, Morano still lives alone, and her doctor (who visits once a month “just to check in”) declared that she’s generally in good health.

So are you gonna try this?

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