Facebook Releases Facebook and Messenger App for Windows 10


You might not remember that back in October last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that his company was “all in on Windows 10.”

Facebook has created a couple of new apps for the operating system which have been under beta testing for a few months now and today they have finally been released to the public. The new Facebook and Messenger apps for Windows 10 are now available for all users.

The new Windows 10 apps bring most of the latest features that are found in the iOS and Android counterparts. This includes stickers in comments, reactions, a separate column for reminders and more. A built-in browser is also present in Facebook for Windows 10. Support for live video broadcasting isn’t available yet but it should arrive soon.

Facebook Releases Facebook and Messenger App for Windows 10 2

Messenger for Windows 10 comes with features like native desktop notifications, group conversations, photo sharing, stickers, and more. Features like voice and video calling, payments, taking photos and videos within the app aren’t available as yet but Facebook will continue to update Messenger for Windows 10 and eventually bring over these features as well.

Even though both of these apps have been released for Windows 10 today they won’t immediately be available for Windows 10 Mobile. Facebook says that it’s going to release these apps for the mobile iteration of this operating system “later this year.”

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