Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Is Officially The First Nigerian To Buy The iPhone 7


First Nigerian To Buy The iPhone 7 – The Controversial actress and new mother of one shared the below photo of a pink iPhone 7 she Just Bought

Nollywood Actress Tonto Dikeh Is Officially The First Nigerian To Buy Apples Latest iPhone 7 1

Incase you missed it…

iPhone 7 pricing
In the UK, Apple said the iPhone 7 will be available from a starting price of £599 for the cheapest 32GB option.
The 128GB version is £699 and the 256GB version will set you back a whopping £799.
Lets convert With todays current exchange rate of £1 = 543
£799 = N433k
iPhone 7 Plus pricing
The larger iPhone 7 Plus will be even more of a wallet buster than it’s smaller sibling.
The cheapest (32GB) iPhone 7 Plus costs £719, followed by a 128GB model at£819, and then a 256GB variant costing

an astonishing £919 = ₦499k… Continue Reading


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  1. NASO NAH..WE DEY TALK OUR COUNTRY BAD BT NO BE 4 HER SIDE.JESU! #460k i go use am buy land 4 ma villa.haha but any were#GOE

  2. How u know bovi you dey there when she buy am? Or you go round for Nigeria wen u take know say na she first buy am? People this days don’t blow there trumpet wen dey acquire stuffs so abeg make we hear word with this una post them

  3. Wen Another Person De Boost Of Say Him Buy 7 Iphone7 For Im Dog, Wuna De Tell Us Of Tonto Way Buy One For Her Self.

  4. So they squander such money in buying Just a phone! And when their fellow Nolywood members fall sick and need help to fly Him or Her abroad! You will see them calling on Nigerians to help. While they get busy buy phones with same amount that can save people’s lifes and purchase cars and lands

  5. Backward mentality from the poster of this poverty news. Shame shame and shame for posting this kind of news. Shame one more time to both the local champion actress and the local poster.

  6. Like seriously. IPhone 7 that they are recalling in America. What’s the hype about the phone that bovi will come post it. Unfollowing!

  7. Make we just say half a million…he good o…. Me dey manage my nokia c3 make i use rubber band tey tie the cover join the phone with pride….#sweet_life.

  8. Says who? Abi because she’s famous you now think she’s the first… Always get your facts right.i got it before it was launched as typical Nigerian that I am.

  9. Living a fake life.Go to her father’s compund you may not find a decent building there…but they just like keeping up with the Jones

  10. Phone wey olosho dey use for lekki ,phone wey China man pikin buy 8piece for e dog, phone wey my Oga take sow seed to e pastor, phone wey don get London use, na e una use dey wast mb, dey post social media,,, why na Tonto, una no try oh I swear. 450 wey boys dey High for quilox on Monday, no be Friday day oh, na e una dey take fall una hand, bovi u self u dey der, na waaaa ohhhhhh.

  11. Reasons Why You Must Own The New iPhone 7
    Costs About N500,000
    *U can email ur ancestors, ping ur village deity
    * If u hold am, U no go ever hungry again.
    * If u misplaced it in a cab, it will automatically
    find its
    way back into ur pocket.
    * If ugly person send U request, e no go enter.
    * It can tell U which member of your family dey
    * U can connect d bluetooth to transformer to get
    * It can be used as bomb detectors.
    * It can be used as mosquito (insect) repellant.
    * It makes everyone look at you as rich boy or girl
    when you are trekking.
    * It vibrates if someone is lying, 4real!
    * It can tell d real father of a child.
    * It can detect if Ur boyfriend/ girlfriend is
    * It prevents unwanted pregnancy, just put it in
    “protection” mode.
    * You can use it as AC
    * You can use it as a weapon if you are attacked
    armed robbers
    * It can show you the way to paradise with the
    *It can be use as ATM

  12. What is ur problem with it? Don’t u think she worth n deserve more than that. Amebo! Please mind ur own n leave Adaigbo to enjoy herself biko.

  13. my question is ,does it mean DAT after she must ve bot d fone,she called u and told u DAT she bot d fone or u went with her to buy d fone?

  14. Status symbol in deed. Had she used the cost of the iPhone to buy bags of rice to distribute to the rural poor in Nigeria, she could have written her name in gold in the heart of the people. I bet you, in the next one year the phone will no longer have meaning.

  15. I bought my own yesterday, COS nobody knows my name. Ooooooooooh k, because am not one of the celebrities. Pls u guyz should tell the world my own FAST!!!!! ¡!!!! ?lolz

  16. Nonsense i got mine the day it was lunch.. stop posting rubbish online. am sure more Nigerians got theirs also before her

  17. She is a fool, what’s all this rubbish all about? Other people are dere paying people hospital bills and helping d needing, u are dere celebrating I phone 7. This isn’t American

  18. Y the beef, go and buy ur own and stop all this nonsense, she did not use anybody’s money to buy it so u guyz should leave her alone.

  19. lolz…. he get who won help me before apart from God … i dey help myself.. na normal …i nor dey wait for man

  20. Wow then i guess she can make free calls without sim or she can snap a pic without pressing it or she can use it as a visa to travel

  21. Hmmm truly @ my Big Sis don’t say ur not a celebrity, u r in d kingdom oh God which is the most important.

  22. The earlier u learn from mercy Johnson and hubby the better for you. You and your hubby are not showing us any good example and am ashamed of you

  23. Lack of job if not you would have not had time to make nonsense posts because you only want to tempted some girls who do not have much money to buy

  24. Bovi, shey ur work now na to go stay for phone stand to dey monitor people way wan buy latest phone abi? Change really begins with you

  25. How does that affect my bank account ? Ode ppl , do you know how many ppl flew in from the USA with that same phone ?

  26. Congrats my lady, it’s your time to shine, pls enjoy it while it last. I am next online for Greater Blessings too. My own testimony will equally give people heart attack just as yours is giving them now.

  27. … And what does it have to do with the current economic situation. Expert, arise O compatriot Nigerians needs you

  28. I wasn’t talking to u but u called me a goat, thank God am and not a public toilet like u, look at ur roasted legs and bleach body like Christmas chicken. Look at ur foolish name like ur mouth.

  29. lwkmd..hahahahahaha@comments….pokobaby#she wuld b regretting dis..i swear……chai….iphone my ass…i keep asking..”does it predicts ones future? i wan knw….lmao

  30. see wat tonto has caused…u girls shuld stop pls….it hasnt gotten to dat o.nne……#cntjuststoplaughinh

  31. Ooooohhh really? So does that make the world a better place or will she be awarded a Nobel Prize for Apple-phony?U0001f644

  32. I bought 4 pieces two days after announcing the phone,, 1 for my grand mum, 1 for my grand dad, 1 for my gateman, 1 for my gardener

  33. Mtcheew.lolz…..If people are really monitored this way, the country would’ve been a bit conducive environ to stay. Please let her live her life. And Please try reporting something positive enough

  34. What abt it? There are many billionaires & millionaires that spend 500k as if it is 5k.Buying a phone of 500k today is not a big deal by tomorrow d same phone wil be forgotten for a new in town phone may iPhone 20.Nothing last forever & they are vanity.Let them help their fellow actors & actresses that need financial help for treatment.

  35. WTF is ma biznez wit dat, most of Dose celebs r murtherfu*kerz, if she like let her be d first to buy it in her lineage kilo kan mi?
    Wen she knows dat such amount can save a soul of so many men commitin suicide Bcos of Apc and there change.

  36. hope she will still use the Iphone7 and ping me with this my nokia 3310 abi na those who own only IPhone7 she go ping and call with it. as na only her get am for Nigeria who will she use it to bing if it services is limited to Iphone7?

  37. Bovi na Ist son of lia Mohammed, lie lie, who told u that she is the first person to buy iPhone 7. That’s what am using right now.

  38. BlackBerry lesson av thought reasonable naija babes that gadget hype is temporary. Another better gadgets must come up so anyone that can’t afford it wount need bother being desperate for it

  39. Use that money to buy a Trailer load of rice, go to ur village and share it to widows,they will talk to God to re-write it destiny.

  40. Bovi go seat down ,when she buy her own? Phone when I buy the day them lunch am. Put my name for the first .

  41. Lie my hubby hv it when they sell it #500k perhaps its not a new thing nd I was mad over him because I can’t hear Jesus or angel Michel voice with not a big deal plzz

  42. I thought they want to say ” meet the first Nigerian to buy a phone of 500million dollars” pls I need that news

  43. You people should stop saying what you Don’t know.. do you know how many Nigerians that have gotten it??

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